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To use our products & ervices to inspire quality customer service through our team.
To be the company that best understands the market, offers quality products and professional services to fulfil the market desire.
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Trojesee Traders limited is an auto-spares dealer company supplying various genuine high quality motor vehicle spare parts. We are a local giant with years of experience. Our selling point besides quality is affordable prices.

Best price

We deliver professional services, made possible by an experienced and dedicated team.

We care about you, we only rest when you are satisfied.

Word from Management

Our products and Services include; Center plates, clutch facings & segment, Brake Linings & rolls, Wheel and Axle Studs, Center bolts,Clutch covers, Bostic Gum,Clutch levers & top plates, fan belts, Shock Absorbers and CV Joints Check out gallery for pictures here.